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This World Environment Day – Maruti Suzuki is offering FREE services for its car owners

Great news for all Maruti owers, To celebrate World Environment Day Maruti is offering free pollution control checkup, emission and exhaust, Sparkplug, Fuel filter, fuel hose, Air Filter checks and a complimentary free waterless dry wash from 1st to 10th June 2018.

Whats even better is Every person who will participate in this event will get service vouchers which he can redeem later on for regular service of his Suzuki car.

This camp will be held at authorized Maruti Suzuki service centers in collaboration with SIAM. Check out the official statement of Maruti in the image below

maruti camb

Through this camp, Maruti’s aim is to portray itself as an environment-loving automobile corporation.

As per Top Maruti officials, they want to show Maruti cares about the earth and green mobility is possible along with great profits.

This camp will be held at  all the authorised Maruti Workshops, plan a visit in these 10 days to avail these free Maruti services.

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