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Hyundai Creta 2018 facelift spied and Revealed

Hyundai Creta, which costs between 12 to 14.5 lakh is one of most loved SUV’s in Indian Market – Hyundai Creta is all set to get a huge facelift in 2018. Today we are revealing its details to you. Lasted spied images from China are suggesting some really exciting times are ahead for Hyundai. Things these images are showcasing are:-

New Creta will have a sunroof

Yes, this marks Creta’s insertion in premium SUV’s. This was a major missing feature from Creta but with the addition of a fully automatic sunroof, Hyundai is filling up the gap. Check out the image of Sunroof fitted Creta

Creta Sunroof

Swiss style Alloy wheels

New Creta will get all classy swiss style Alloy wheels to give an even classy look to this SUV.


The completely updated infotainment system

Creta 2018 will have a completely updated infotainment system, which will have the ability to completely sync will all ios and Android devices. Word is the new infotainment system would be really really smart and would give a personal approach to the car driver. It will understand the driver’s voice, take commands and would act as a personal assistant in the car.

infotainment system

Perforated Seats

New Creta seats are going to be truly comfortable. If you are an off-roader, you would know how tiring it gets driving through ranges at times. Perforated Seats could be temperature adjusted as per your needs (During summers, it could be made chilled). Further, they could be easily cleaned and give a premium look to your SUV interiors. These are expected in top models only.

Perforated Seats

Newly designed Front and Rear bumpers

This move is to give an even sportier look to already Sporty Creta. Bumpers have been redesigned to enhance the looks of Creta.  Have a look at the new bumpers:


Redesigned LED Taillamps

Tail lights have been redesigned with LED. We can’t complain as this move is also expected to enhance looks of this Super SUV


Creta 2018

Tell us in comments below if you are also waiting for the new Creta to rule Indian roads (Mountains as well)


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