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Indian Government is planning to give Green Number Plates to Electric Vehicles

Every one of us is aware that electric vehicles are planet friendly as they don’t emit any pollution. Whats even better is they cost much lower in fuel charges too as electricity is much cheaper than petrol and diesel, but long battery charging times and no physical charging stations don’t let commoners buy electric cars. Though, Indian Government has a great interest in promoting green vehicles and reduce the carbon footprint of India. (That will make City air breathable too)

Now Indian Government has taken a new initiative in which they will provide green number plates to all-electric vehicles. Isn’t that cool?? All the passenger vehicles will have white font over green number plate and commercial ones/taxis will have the yellow font. (This also applies to E-Rickshaws)

This step will help in the further initiatives of government like providing free parking to electric vehicles, free entry through tolls and more of preferential treatment. What’s more is, these vehicles can be easily exempted from rules like odd even.

Government is planning to reduce GST on batteries, increasing its own number of electric vehicles significantly by 2020 (As per what Prime Minister Modi promised in Paris Submit) and is pitching major car manufacturers to manufacture more of electric vehicles in lieu of exempts and other government grants.

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